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remote paralegal & virtual assistant services

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Hello and welcome!
I'm Katie, an experienced and skilled Paralegal and the Owner of Virtually Grown.
I've been working in the
legal industry for 20+ years.
The goal of Virtually Grown
is to collaborate with my
clients helping them achieve
maximum efficiencies,
growing their businesses.
We pride ourselves in providing professional, paralegal and
legal assistant services,
keeping our clients happy. 

Virtually Grown provides professional paralegal and assistant services at a fair cost, with

no overhead fees to professionals.

All work is contracted, on an as-needed basis. 


When you delegate assignments to a skilled paralegal, your time is freed to do what matters the most to you. Whether it means spending more time on projects, building client relations, or spending time with your loved ones, our goal at Virtually Grown is to meet and exceed all of your paralegal needs. 

Learn more about the services we provide below. 

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Case Management

Assemble, collect and gather documents relevant to cases. Organize, index and maintain electronic case files for use at all stages of litigation. This also includes drafting pleadings, discovery and correspondence relevant to each case. 

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Document Review, Preparation, Production

Coordinate and collect documents in anticipation of review and production. Assist with preparation of same for use at trial, deposition, meetings, mediation, review etc. Preparation could include, but not limited to, assembly, redaction, bates numbering and/or summarization of same. Documents will be assembled electronically. Should you require hard copies I can assist coordinating same. 

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Calendar Management

Assist in managing calendar events, reminders and to-do's. Prioritize events, create a routine, share (if necessary), color coordinate, block time and bring important deadlines to attention.

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Data Entry

Collecting and entering data into an electronic format of choice, maintaining accurate records of valuable information. This can be a one time project or a continuing and ongoing project. 

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Research and identify court records, case status, factual information pertinent to a specific matter, opposing parties, rules of court, judicial and jurisdictional rules, expert witness credentials, ownership of property and tax information, and much more. 

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Additional Assistance

If you have a need that is not listed here, please reach out to discuss.  



*Please note, Virtually Grown, LLC provides paralegal assistance to legal professionals. We are NOT attorneys. Paralegals CANNOT give legal advice, represent you in court, or preform any duties specifically reserved for attorneys. Should you require legal advice or representation, please contact an attorney or your local Legal Aid Society. 


All services provided, case information and documents will be kept private and confidential.  
Your firms policy on how to handle documents from receiving them to returning or
destroying them will be implemented at our end.
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Let Virtually Grown help take your business
to the next level!

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Jeffrey T., Litigator

I had the pleasure of working with Katie for 8 years. She was an outstanding paralegal and great person to be around. We had a very busy practice and Katie did an amazing job of keeping the cases organized, ready for trial, depos and all hearings. She was a big part of our success.