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Hello! Not only am I a Paralegal, I am a proud mom of 3, and a wife. When I have free time I like hiking, gardening and woodworking. I started working in the legal industry 20+ years ago and have absolutely loved it ever since. Of course, as in any profession, there are some days that aren't all glitter and rainbows, but for the most part I find my work extremely interesting. Working in the legal field has always been fascinating and there are few dull moments. From April 2019 - 2021, I took off of work to be with my children during the pandemic. I was grateful to be able to do so during such a difficult time. Now that things are winding down and the kids are all in school full-time (hooray!), I came to realize how much I missed having a purpose outside of the home. For me, being a Paralegal provides that purpose. So, after careful thought and consideration I decided to start my own business as a Virtual Paralegal. This is how Virtually Grown, LLC came to existence. 

 - Katie 

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