Services & Pricing

Save money and time with a virtual paralegal. By utilizing our services, you will be saving money in

overhead and costs. You will also notice you have

more time to tend to additional important matters.


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Case Management 

Assemble, collect and gather documents relevant to cases. Organize, index and maintain electronic case files for use at all stages of litigation. This also includes drafting pleadings, discovery and correspondence relevant to each case. 

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Document Review, Preparation, Production

Coordinate and collect documents in anticipation of review and production. Assist with preparation of same for use at trial, deposition, meetings, mediation, review etc. Preparation could include, but not limited to, assembly, redaction, bates numbering and/or summarization of same. Documents will be assembled electronically. Should you require hard copies I can assist coordinating same. 

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Calendar Management

Assist in managing calendar events, reminders and to-do's. Prioritize events, create a routine, share (if necessary), color coordinate, block time and bring important deadlines to attention.

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Data Entry

Collecting and entering data into an electronic format of choice, maintaining accurate records of valuable information. This can be a one time project or a continuing and ongoing project. 

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Research and identify court records, case status, factual information pertinent to a specific matter, opposing parties, rules of court, judicial and jurisdictional rules, expert witness credentials, ownership of property and tax information, and much more. 

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Additional Assistance

Should you require general or personal assistance, or if you require a service that is not listed, please reach out to discuss.   


Pricing Plans

  • All last minute emergencies are subject to up charges. 

  • Any and all assignments and or projects required on holidays will be charged at 2x the hourly rate.

  • Please note: all pricing is subject to change. 

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Hourly Pay

$50 / hr.

*Minimum of 10 hours monthly.

*No rollover hours.

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Advanced Plan

Pre-paid Packaged Hours 

Monthly packages, paid in advance will receive a discount. 




30 Hours

40 Hours

50 Hours

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Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

Let's work together to create a plan suitable for the services you request. Schedule an

appointment to discuss.