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Grow Your Business
with Remote Assistance

Let our experienced, organized, reliable, motivated, collaborative, supportive, and detail-oriented paralegals and assistants help you take the next steps in growing your business by handling daily tasks. We can help free up your schedule so you can focus on essential matters. Are you prepared to reclaim your time and assign some tasks?" Are you ready to get your time back and delegate some tasks? 

Some Services We Provide

Save money and time with a virtual paralegal or executive assistant.


  • Services

  • Paralegal

  • Executive Assistant

  • Legal Assistant

  • Litigation Support Analyst

  • Administrative

  • Coordinator

  • E-Discovery Manager

  • Project Manager

  • Professional Development

  • Project Management Boards/Teams 

Case Management 

Manage cases from pre-litigation to trial. Assemble, collect, and gather documents relevant to cases. Organize, index, and maintain electronic case files for use at all stages of litigation. 

Document Review, Preparation, and Production

Coordinate and collect documents in anticipation of review and production. Assist with preparation of same for use at trial, deposition, meetings, mediation, review, etc. Preparation could include, but is not limited to, assembly, redaction, bates numbering, and summarization. Physical or electronically. 

Calendar Management

Assist in managing calendar events, reminders, and to-dos. Prioritize events, create a routine, share (if necessary), color coordinate, block time, and bring important deadlines to attention.

Data Entry

Collecting and entering data into an electronic format of choice, maintaining accurate records of valuable information. This can be a one-time project or a continuing and ongoing project. 


Research and identify court records, case status, factual information pertinent to a specific matter, opposing parties, rules of court, judicial and jurisdictional rules, expert witness credentials, ownership of property and tax information, and much more. 

Professional Development

Create end-to-end collaborative workflows that can be referenced and relied on for years to come. Orchestrate each step of your companies workflows with clients, customers, vendors, and business partners. Ensure everyone is completing each step. 

Project Management Boards and Teams

Creating visual project management boards or workflows for individuals or teams by project, client, task, etc. Physically see what has been done, what's left to do, and what is next! 

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